BOH-BDS Interprofessional Student Learner

The AUDSS, School of Dentistry and Statewide Dental Service staff have organised the new INTERPROFESSIONAL STUDENT LEARNER PROGRAM for BOH1, BOH3 and BDS1 students.

It is an opportunity for BOH1 and BDS1 students to act as a student learner and assist during BOH2 hygiene sessions to improve their knowledge in periodontics and preventive dentistry and gain exposure to patient management and communication prior to their clinical years.
It is also an opportunity for BOH3 students to assist during BDS5 GDP sessions to observe complex dental procedures and for both students to gain a better understanding of respective scopes of practice.

To book an appointment, please follow the window below. 

NOTE: The latest registration for a session is Thursday 4:00 pm of the week before.

If you need to cancel - please message or email Max ( or Joey ( Cancellations must be done before Thursday 4:00 pm the week before the scheduled appointment. If you are unable to make your appointment and it is too late to cancel, you must find someone to take your place.

If it is your first time attending the clinic location - please email Emma ( to arrange a site orientation to be conducted upon your arrival. 

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All students must wear the correct protective equipment (blue clinic coat, safety glasses and closed shoes), and their ID badge. Students are expected to have a sound knowledge of infection control procedures and must adhere to them at all times whilst in the clinics.

Prior to attending your session, please download and read the document below for information on accessing the clinics.