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$35 Provides fluoride treatment

$45 Provides one bitewing radiograph

$60 Provides a full dental examination

$110 Provides a scale and clean

$160 Provides a posterior amalgam filling

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Bella Matheson (BDS3)

Much to everyone's shock - dentistry isn't just about the teeth and decay. The focus is on the person, their needs, their history and whatever we can do to make their oral health and their overall quality of life any easier.
This event allows sponsorship for a brilliant program that allows dental students such as myself to visit and work with some of societies most vulnerable members - the homeless. We need as much help as we can get to continue providing such a service.
Every bit helps :D


MY GOAL: $150

For more information, please visit: 
Common Outreach Dental Program
Common Ground Adelaide


P&L Oborn has donated $35.

Loretta Ghidinelli has donated $30.