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$35 Provides fluoride treatment

$45 Provides one bitewing radiograph

$60 Provides a full dental examination

$110 Provides a scale and clean

$160 Provides a posterior amalgam filling

Esther Cheng (BDS2)

Hello all you lovely beings! I am participating in my second Sleep Out to fundraise for the Community Outreach Dental Program (CODP), which provides free dental treatments to the homeless and those in need. It is important to realise that not many are able to receive standardised health care and for everyone to be grateful for what they already have. Sleep Out aims for its participants to experience the lives of the less fortunate by sleeping outside for one night, in the hopes to raise funds for CODP so that care can be provided indiscriminately. I hope we can all work together to improve people's lifestyles, a small donation can go a long way.
Thank you! :)

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MY GOAL: $200

For more information, please visit: 
Common Outreach Dental Program
Common Ground Adelaide


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