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$35 Provides fluoride treatment

$45 Provides one bitewing radiograph

$60 Provides a full dental examination

$110 Provides a scale and clean

$160 Provides a posterior amalgam filling

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Kathleen Tong (BDS2)

Hey everyone!!!
On April 27th this year, I will be participating in the annual AUDSS Sleepout Event for COPD, where we will be experiencing what it is like to live in an overcrowded homeless shelter for a night. While our experience is limited, it is important to recognise that this is only a shred of the reality that thousands are currently experiencing everyday.
This year, we are hoping to reach a target of $10,000 to donate to the Community Outreach Dental Program (COPD), a dental clinic
that provides free dental care. I would be so so thankful for any donation
(no matter how big or small) as it would make a huge difference :)

MY GOAL: $100

For more information, please visit: 
Common Outreach Dental Program
Common Ground Adelaide