Specialist Society Study Clubs

Continuing on from last year, SSSCs will continue with following specialities offered: Endodontics (BDS4-5), Orthodontics (BDS4-5), Prosthodontics (BDS4-5), Periodontics (BDS4-5, BOH3) and Oral Surgery (BDS4-5).

This is an incredible opportunity, where there will be a series of tutorials (4-8) hosted by specialists in their fields over the year. There will be limited spots in each speciality depending on their capacity, and students will be allocated only one based on a preferential system. As a sign of respect to the specialists who have given up their time for our benefit, it is important that if you commit to a specialty, it is a promise that you will attend all the tutorials (to the best of your ability). Understandably for BDS5 this will be very difficult given placements, hence we propose for BDS5 students interested to find a partner who is interested in the same specialty and is willing to split attendance over the year.

We’ll try our best to accommodate for everyone’s interests however places are limited. If you are not able to make your session, please email us so we can give an opportunity to another (for that session only; they will not take your spot).


AUDSS Membership is REQUIRED; place your preference from 1st to 6th to the clubs you would attend if selected into - 1st being your most preferred. E.g. if you wished to be in either Endodontics or Orthodontics, you'd place: 1st preference: Endodontics; 2nd preference: Orthodontics; 3rd preference Prosthodontics; 4th preference: Oral Surgery and leave the rest blank (or fill as required).

Provisional times of study clubs: Endodontics (Mon evenings), Orthodontics (Wed evenings), Periodontics (Mon evenings), Prosthodontics (Wed evenings) and Oral Surgery (Fri evenings).

Registrations for Specialist Society Clubs are currently closed.