Meet the team


President, Alexander Khominsky

As the President for the 2017 committee, Alex is tasked with the overall direction of all AUDSS operations. He also acts as the official spokesperson of the AUDSS, and liaises between members of the society, School of Dentistry, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, SA Dental Service and Australian Dental Association – SA as required, to represent the interests of the students. This involves communication with year representatives, learning and teaching committee representatives and yearbook committee representatives for all relevant issues concerning the dental school.


Vice-President, Emma Chin

As Vice-President of the 2017 committee, Emma assists the President with the direction of the AUDSS. This involves liaising between members of the society and the dental school to present the voice and opinions of the students. In addition, Emma oversees any tasks or duties of the President, should he be unavailable or needing assistance.


Sarah Lonsdale


George Chen


Executive officer: Adrian Wun
General committee: 
Elizabeth Lam
Hannah Worrall


Executive officer: Terrence cheong.
General committee: Leah Sidhu and Tiensa Tran

Student Affairs

Executive officers: Laura Kenyon and Joshua Lee
General Committee: Danielle Huynh, Calvin Chung, Calvin Wong


Community Aid

Executive officer:
Vineel Chundurru
General committee:
Kawaii Cheung



Executive officer:
Darren Chai
General Committee:
Oliver Dean Nguyen, Dharishini Vellayadevan



Executive officers: Daniel McKenzie and Bianca Kwong
General Committee: Monica Biondo, Janahan Shanmugananthakumar, Diffy Zhou, Yung Seng Chee, Avinash Sivakumar, Elizabeth Jeong


Executive officer: Max Tu
General committee: Joey Teh


Insight Dental Rep: Carmen Chau

ADSA Dental Rep: Linh Huynh

AUSS Dental Rep: Ngan Nguyen

AUHRA Dental Rep: Joanna Chang
AUHRA Oral Health Rep: TBC

BOH Liaison Officer: Hannah Mazzamauro

BDS 1 Liaison Officer: Edward Jin
BOH 1 Liaison Officer: Hannah Robertson