Academic and Professional Development Program

The AUDSS Academic and Professional Development Program (AAPDP) consists of a series of lectures and workshops held throughout the year, with speakers of the dental profession from a range of specialties, including both our university and external speakers.

Since 2010, this program provides students of all year levels the opportunity to supplement the undergraduate curriculum and broaden their exposure to particular topics of interest. It also allows for students to meet with local professionals and gain some insight into dentistry beyond their years at dental school whilst taking part in extracurricular self-directed learning.

Keep checking this page throughout the year to find out upcoming specialty interest topics and for a more complete calendar as more guest lecturers are confirmed.

AUDSS Members that attend 10 AAPDP events are eligible for a certificate at the end of the year that can be used for CV purposes. Simply download and print the sheet below, and bring it along to each AAPDP event.