Student resources

In addition to hosting events that provide opportunities for great memories and friendships, the AUDSS also makes effort to support the academic performance of students. This is done through two main initiatives; the AUDSS Academic and Professional Development Program, and the Group and Individual learning series.



The AUDSS Academic and Professional Development Program (AAPDP) consists of a series of lectures and workshops held throughout the year, with speakers of the dental profession from a range of specialties, including both within Adelaide university and external speakers.

Since 2010, this program provides students of all year levels the opportunity to supplement the undergraduate curriculum and broaden their exposure to particular topics of interest. It also allows for students to meet with local professionals and gain some insight into dentistry beyond their years at dental school whilst taking part in extracurricular self-directed learning.

Group and Individual learning

Group and individual learning (or GILs) is a program run by the AUDSS that aims to foster an environment where students can learn from other peers and professionals within the field.

On a regular basis, senior students present theory workshops of particularly challenging topics to each year level in a manner that is both engaging and interactive. In addition, the clinical aspect is built upon in practical workshops, held where relevant learning will be catered to each year group for BDS and BOH students.