Photograph by: Amir Hatami

Our sponsors are vital to the function and success of the AUDSS. They enable us to realise our objectives in enriching the student life within the dental school. Here are the organisations that support the AUDSS.


Major Partners:

Become a sponsor

If you would like to become a sponsor of the AUDSS, please contact Abhishek Isaac Mathew, our sponsorships executive officer at

Alternatively, you can fill out the form below.

Why is a Partnership with the AUDSS valuable?

  • Establish a relationship with Australia’s largest and most distinguished dental student body, and contribute to the future of South Australian and Australian healthcare.

  • Build corporate social responsibility and align your products and services with a socially responsible, public-spirited and community-minded organisation.

  • Access a diverse membership of undergraduate and postgraduate, local and international, rural, metropolitan and indigenous students with a high future discretional income who will make business purchasing decisions.

  • Expose your products and services to future specialists, dentists, therapists and hygienists across Australia and internationally. Inform consumer choice among dental students and young dental professionals.

  • Tailor your marketing with the AUDSS Partnerships Team to achieve long-term repeated, informative and targeted exposure of your brand.

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