Joshua LEE

As the President of the Adelaide University Dental Students’ Society (AUDSS), I would like to welcome you to our webpage and to the society.

The President's Letter

The Adelaide University Dental Students’ Society is the organisation that represents Dental and Oral Health Therapists. The society was founded in 1919 and over the years we have expanded in order to support the growing number of students and events. The AUDSS supports students academically, socially and emotionally and are one of the best student societies in Australia with our academic and social events.

We believe in work-life balance which is why we run academic events to increase your knowledge as well as social events where you can de-stress. Keep up to date by checking out the calendar as well as joining our Facebook page at The committee prides itself on having events that run successfully and smoothly.

The AUDSS has strong ties with the School of Dentistry, SA Dental Service, Australia Dental Association (SA Branch) and the Australian Dental Students Association. We are fortunate to have support from these bodies which ensures that we have therapists, hygienists, dentists and specialist supporting us through our training or supplementing our education through extracurricular programs we run throughout the year. On top of this we have the support of various sponsors, without whom we would not be able to run all these events and support services.


Photo by Max Tu

My time during dental school would not have been the same without the support from the AUDSS and it is now my privilege to lead the AUDSS in supporting all the current Dental and Oral Health students so that their experiences can be as enjoyable as mine was. I would love for you all to get involved, your time at uni is limited so make the most of it while you’re still here.

We at the AUDSS are here to support you with all your issues, no matter how big or small, so feel free to come up to any of us for a chat. I look forward to meeting you all this year!