As the President of the Adelaide University Dental Students’ Society (AUDSS), I would like to welcome you to our webpage and to the society.

The President's Letter

Founded in 1919, the AUDSS remains the sole organisation in South Australia representing Dental and Oral Health students.  We represent and protect the interests of students studying Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) and Bachelor of Oral Health (BOH) at the University of Adelaide.

The University of Adelaide School of Dentistry is consistently ranked highly on the domestic and international stage. For 2016, it was ranked number 1 in Australia based on many factors including graduate satisfaction with the dentistry course. We were also ranked first in the University of Adelaide against all programs. Current students and alumni have taken great pride in our University and the student body. Furthermore, many prominent members of the profession have been past presidents of the AUDSS.

The AUDSS has traditionally held strong ties with the Dental Faculty, Dean, SA Dental Service, Australian Dental Association – SA and Australian Dental Students Association. We are extremely fortunate to be supported by the therapists, hygienists, dentists and specialists, locally, who are involved in our training, whether through the curriculum or supplementary programs that we host in the academic and professional development of students.


With almost a century of history, AUDSS, despite the influence of the social and political environment of the time, prides itself on supporting students. We understand the importance of investment, and we are always mindful of actively developing not only current initiatives but also those in the long-term.

From my time as a dental student, AUDSS has been a core pillar in the community and an organisation that is beaming with opportunity. I encourage all to get involved, and help us make the journey through dentistry or oral health an enjoyable one.