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Welcome to AUDSS Apparel

Ever regretted not purchasing a particular pubcrawl shirt? Had a rough night during the pubcrawl or worn your favourite shirt thin? Seen some punny dental shirts worn by older years? Marketing is proud to present AUDSS Apparel, the first online shop where old pubcrawl shirts are made to order and any day could be Flashback Friday! We will be bringing back additional shirt designs in the future so keep an eye out for updates.


What is the T-shirt quality like? 

The tshirt is a lightweight cotton shirt by Gildan. It is of similar quality to the mens pubcrawl shirts used in the past.

Where do I collect my shirt?

Your shirt will be delivered directly to your nominated address

How long does it take to arrive? 

Shirts will take approximately 2 weeks to arrive

Is there a printed design on the back? 

Unfortunately we cannot replicate the back print of the actual past pubcrawl shirts. This shirt has a front print only to minimise costs.

Help, I have made a mistake with my order!

Who do I contact? Sales, printing and delivery are run by Spreadshirt. The AUDSS is unable to fix any mistakes. You may be able to make changes to your order via > Account Settings > My Orders. Find out more information on their website.