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Group and Individual Learning

Our aim is to foster an environment where students can learn from other peers and professionals in our field. The primary resource utilised in this program are senior students, who present theory workshops of particularly challenging topics to each year level in a manner that is both engaging and interactive. In addition, the clinical aspect is built upon in practical workshops, held where relevant learning will be catered to each year group for BDS and BOH students, .

This is an incredibly useful adjunct to the dental curriculum run throughout the year with almost on average a workshop or two on a university week basis. This is a time intensive workload that is supported by the GIL Subcommittee.

Week Beginning BDS1 BDS2 BDS3 BDS4
Orientation Week 22/2/16 BDS3 Introduction.
Fri (26/2) 4.30pm
BDS4 Introduction.
Tue (23/2) 5:00pm
29/2/16 BDS1 Introduction. Tues (1/3) 4:30pm
7/3/16 BDS2 Introduction. Mon (7/3) 5:00pm
21/3/16 BDS3 Materials & Oral Pathology.
Wed (23/3) 5:00pm
28/3/16 Restorative Tmt & Endocrinology.
Mon (28/3) 5:00pm
4/4/16 Basic Biology (Epithelium, cells, CT, macromolecules etc.)
Tues (5/4). 4:15pm
Mon (4/4) 5:00pm
Mid Semester Break 11/4/16
9/5/16 BDS1 Tooth ID
Mon (9/5) 5.00pm
BDS2 Embryology Mon (9/5) 4:30pm
Tooth Development Tue (10/5) 4.45pm
16/5/16 Clinical Decision Making Mon (16/5) 4:30pm
23/5/16 BDS3 Exam preparation.
Wed (25/5) 5:00pm
BDS4 Exam preparation.
Mon (23/5) 5:00pm
30/5/16 BDS1 Exam preparation,
Wed (2/6) 12:00pm
BDS2 Exam preparation
Mon (30/5) 5:00pm
BDS4 Orthodontics. Tue (31/5) 5:30pm
BDS4 Exam Preparation. Mon (6/6) 5:15pm
Swotvac 13/6/16
Midyear Exams 20/6/2016

Updated 20th February, 2016