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$35 Provides fluoride treatment

$45 Provides one bitewing radiograph

$60 Provides a full dental examination

$110 Provides a scale and clean

$160 Provides a posterior amalgam filling

Chris wheate (BDS 1)

Across all communities, not everyone has the same access to basic human rights, and it is becoming increasingly important that we are advocating for equal access, to aim for a community where everyone can have their basic needs fulfilled. On the 10th of May, I’ll be experiencing what it is like to sleep in an overcrowded shelter. The funds raised will go towards the Community Outreach Dental Program, a dental clinic in Light Square that provides free dental treatment to the disadvantaged community.

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MY GOAL: $200



For more information, please visit: 
Common Outreach Dental Program
Common Ground Adelaide


Subir Sen - $3

Anonymous - $5

Anonymous - $50