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$35 Provides fluoride treatment

$45 Provides one bitewing radiograph

$60 Provides a full dental examination

$110 Provides a scale and clean

$160 Provides a posterior amalgam filling

Jenny Tan (BDS 3)

Hello everyone! This year, I will be participating in Sleep Out, an event that aims to simulate the conditions of overcrowded shelters for the homeless and helps raise awareness of the hardships the disadvantaged go through. We are fundraising for the Common Ground dental clinic, which provides free dental services to the homeless. Often, the circumstances of this particular demographic present compromises to their oral health and their ability to access dental care to address such issues. This dental clinic helps to overcome this problem and contributes ultimately to increasing their quality of life. Please consider supporting this heartwarming cause. Let's restore some smiles together :)

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MY GOAL: $100



For more information, please visit: 
Common Outreach Dental Program
Common Ground Adelaide


Nancy Shi Hui Zhuang - $10