The end of year exam season are actually finally here, regretfully, with BDS 1 and BDS 2 having their first papers yesterday, hopefully questions on Hygiene Hypothesis and glossopharyngeal didn’t make you guys go berserk. (even if it did, suck it up, gulp a couple of shots and move on peeps)

As for the 3rd years who are starting on Monday, good luck for yours as well. Get ready to welcome and celebrate the surprises, whatever they may be.  

As of now, I will share lucky 7 exam tips of which you may never relate to, but I’ll do it anyway.

1. Get a good night sleep- who are we kidding?

After hours adrenaline is what some of us thrive on. Nothing like last minute cramping.

2. Exercise for at least 30 minutes a day, everyday-

Does freaking out not knowing the answer to a question and then frantically searching for answers counts?

3. Remember, your teachers want you to do well.

Ahem, hygiene hypothesis is a proof of it otherwise I guess.

4. Eat a low GI, nutritious breakfast.

There we go again about the overrated advice about breakfast being the most important meal of the day. Making breakfast seems to be the most time inefficient, time which otherwise can be done to catch some extra power nap or last minute cramping (refer # 1) I am sure the cariogenic, discounted chocolate and chips from Coles count, right?

5. Avoid drinking caffeine (e.g. energy drinks, coke and coffee).

Well a cup coffee does reduce the risk of developing heart disease, I’m sure if a graph is plotted, its benefits are directly proportional to the quantity consumed?

6. Go straight home after the exam.

Hey, we got through the exam! A little break and celebration followed by the heartache and hangover the morning after will put you into a nice miserable spot.

7. Take a few deep breaths when you get stuck in the exam. Just make sure you continue to breath, Hyperventilations can overload your blood with CO2!

Humour and sarcasm aside, wishing all of you the very best for the exams and a great summer break after!



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