"So uh, are they actually okay?"

I like to think that we are.


A typical legend starts with the call to adventure, its refusal and a meeting of the mentor.

There was no call to adventure, we were refused and a mentor never came.

So instead, we underdogs will do what every movie trope has taught us and get in over our heads. Because even if we lose - we've won a moral victory for going the distance.

So then - why call it 'I'm Okay'?

Funny story.

IT: When do you want it (the blog) out?

Boss: No real rush. It's just that now is a rare moment of peace.

Right-hand man: RuOK?

IT: Is there a particular title you guys want?

Boss: I am OK. - that is the name I propose.

IT: Perfect.

Boss: Let's fight the stereotype that a dental pun is needed.

Right-hand man: Type 1 for I am OK.

Boss: If ppl don't like that I am OK - press 2

1, 1, 1, 1, 4(?)

Left-hand lady: Sorry, just completed CPR Course. 1.

Boss: I guess I am okay.


And thus, a legend was born.

I, for one, promise nothing in terms of content frequency, quality or quantity. But occasionally we'll deliver something of value. So in the mean time, won't you humour this wannabe dentist and click on links to this blog every once in a while?

Please email us at: publications.audss@gmail.com

I'll give free OHI if you do.



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