Part 1

There was once a proud lineage, as old as the AUDSS itself, named Publications.  

This household had been cursed with the disinterest and indifference of its followers.

Its last master, having been driven mad with rage and grief over this revelation, abandoned his title.


Desperate for its continuation, AUDSS sought the aid of two 2nd year students who would willingly contest for the role.

Unknown to many, one became the chosen whilst the other was dubbed his faithful committee member.


Together they confronted the trials of deadlines, against the onslaught of Paperpoint magazines and Probe yearbook which had laid waste to their predecessors.

All of this, however, did not come without a terrible price.


The committee member had witnessed his friend become slowly consumed by the cynicism he had once sworn to defeat.  A man who once walked the path of 12am sleep had now descended into a desperate creature of the night, endlessly cursing the very vow he made. 


Rejecting the cruel hand played by fate, the committee member sought a new role. As reward for his countless acts of devotion to the AUDSS, he was titled counselor to all affairs student. 

But it was too late for the other.

The executive now sits with a heavy heart upon the dark throne of Publications, waiting for a hero to defeat him.

… But the world refused .

But the world refused.





Prelude to Publications 2017 Lore

“An unusual hiding place for an executive of the AUDSS.”

My anonymous editor, where have you been all this time?

“Out there, amongst the students. And what of you? Why have you been hiding all this time?”

I cannot leave. Yet, I chose to stay.

“A mere shadow of your former self.”

What do you want… old friend?

“It is time to get out of this wretched tomb you have made for yourself. Stop skulking in the shadows and return to Publications.”







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