Why did you do it GV Black? Miscommunication? Guerilla marketing? A prank?  Guess we’ll never know.

The final basement party approached; an event that marked the end of a longstanding tradition that spanned decades.

Students in turn clamored for a spot in a party that was fated to reach full capacity. Those who had made the quota breathed a sigh of relief; those not so fortunate scurried in desperation to attain a ticket to memories that would last for years to come.

That relief, however, was short-lived.

Something strange stirred from within, as if it had been overcome by another presence.

Those who were once provided a moment of respite received a cold and telling blow.

Obsession? Or possession.

What would drive the beloved Avatar of AUDSS to spread such falsities?

At first there was confusion which rapidly evolved into worry. Once exposed, it spread like the plague and the panic became contagious.

Without a doubt, the honourable AUDSS committee noticed immediately and acted with haste and urgency.

But he locked himself out and wouldn’t let those that he used to trust - his very friends - in.

Unfortunately dear readers, whatever caused this behavioural change will never be known. For whatever it was, it came, it whispered into GV Black’s ear, and then it vanished - we can only report what we have witnessed.

No explanation was provided, only a reassurance from those higher up.

There remained, however, a question that was never answered:

Nevertheless, rest easy those who are frightened by father dentistry’s lapse in judgement, for this was a mere chink in his condensed armor of amalgam.

No matter the reason, we will continue to trust in our incorruptible symbol.

P.S.- Extension for prevention. Always.






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