The Midway point of the Bachelor of Dental Surgery degree is a highly anticipated and momentous achievement that all BDS 3 and younger students aspire to reach. Not for the bragging rights or sense of competency, but for the epic celebration that is Half BDS Ball. Hosted at the absolutely stunning Ayers House (this year’s BDS3 prides itself on originality), the aim of the night was to have great food, endless wine, banging music and legendary colleagues sharing their combined love of slacking off on a Saturday night.



Unperturbed by buckets of rain, people started flowing in looking for the first sip of wine that would guide the events of the night. To say everyone looked stunning is an understatement – lemme put it out there, BDS 3 is fucking hot. I think I almost cried like twice seeing how beautiful people looked – and I didn’t even drink that night :/  Seeing everyone flow into the room and greet almost everyone in sight just reminded me how lucky we are in dentistry to have such a tight and caring cohort.

I have legit never seen a more beautiful group of girls in my entire life … and I lived at college for 2 years.
— Bella Matheson

Speeches are something we elected to have few of on the night, as we figured it was more important to let everyone have more opportunity to hang and dance and abuse the bar and photo booth. However, one of the highlights of any Ball is most certainly tutor participation, and a certain coordinator can make some highly inappropriate and absolutely hilarious dirty jokes in front of a crowded audience.  I think the most outrageous act of the night was the ‘Half BDS Ball Awards’ as scripted and read by the year reps. I’m not going to say it was ‘savage’ per say, but at least a few people were most definitely thrown under the bus and others claimed they were robbed of awards. At least we got to celebrate the best ass in the year, 10 points if you guess who.

One happy award winner celebrating winning the enthusiastic chef award by displaying his now healed left hand (previously severely damaged by burns while making curry)

In this humble reps opinion the best moments of the night were completely unplanned. Like our budding K-pop Star J Kim performing his legendary rendition of ‘Creep’ by Radiohead. The whole room cheered on and lifted lighters high to encourage the performance. Dancers got wild on the floor with multiple breakdance battles and BDS 3 Muzz King Ciacciarelli performing moves graceful as a gazelle with the power of a lion on crystal meth. The sexy Indians ladies and gents also had what I can only describe as an arousing dance set with the best of Bollywood moves, and as always, Miss Senanayake was put in the middle of a mosh pit.

I’m a creeeeep. I’m a weeeeirddooooo

By the time the clock struck 12pm no one wanted to leave. The weather might’ve had something to do with it but I like to believe it was because Half BDS Ball was just too good to end. It was a near perfect night filled with some of the greatest people I have ever met.  Well done to all BDS3 students for getting halfway through such a difficult degree, and I look forward to partying with you again at Grad Ball xx

Tl;dr: BDS 3 is hot and can fucking party :))

Photos by Maximilian and Snap Snap photography

Bella Matheson


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