Congratulations to the Events team for a sell-out (and the quality Westies and Superdry) Fresher’s Basement party. It’s nostalgic to think that the era of Basement Parties will end in May of 2017. And to consider that the foundations of the ADH have been around since the 20s - that’s a lot of dental care, a lot of frustrated tutors, a lot of teary-eyed students and a lot of overused equipment.  In light of this, the Basement is still planned to be cleared out by end of May (completely). For most year levels it’ll be au revoir as this should coincide with swotvac and the exam period, however for those rostered in the ADH over June be aware of the changes below (be mindful this may be updated closer to the date):

o   13-16th June (ramp down, emergency care only)

o   19-23rd June (shut down, OMS dept only)

o   27-30th June (ramp up)

What this may mean for you? Those in the ADH may lose a few sessions during that time, or only be able to provide emergency care. Currently, replacement sessions may occur later in the year or at state-wide clinics, however this is still being assessed, so don’t just up and leave… In regards to the new ADH, as we get more information we will inform you (nothing yet).

In a long-term project, the Publications team is busy collating Probe articles and creating an AUDSS History Book that will span from the mid 20th to 21st century. It’s a huge feat of work, and if you think you might be interested in being an AUTHOR and eternally remembered for a one-of-a-kind publication, get in touch with Darren Cai to see how you can help!

Speaking of ‘publications’, have you seen the website? Emma and I’s vision for AUDSS is to be a peak professional representative body that represents your interests, and streamlining our IT with the member’s hub, with secure online payments and convenient links to all our programs revolutionises the way we operate. Cheers to Max and Joey; clearly if dentistry doesn’t work out you’ll have plenty of employment opportunities elsewhere.

This year, there are plans in the work for greater interfaculty relationships and perhaps an event in 2nd semester too. The academic program is continuing to be firing ahead thanks to Laura and Josh; have you seen the line-up of INTERSTATE speakers!? Dr Sheridan – on clinical photography (Mar 16th), Dr Ikram (aka Endo Crows Nest, Mar 31st) and keep May 27th tentatively booked for a master class composite workshop! For those interested in mentorship, don’t forget about the Recent Grads Mentorship program (flyers are up in the internet nebula).

All this is possible with the support of our sponsors: WEP, BOQ, MIPS, Guild, DPL and Adec.

It’s March already – the break will soon be upon most year levels so hang in there. First years, make the most of your peers (don't abuse them), share meals together, explore, get to know Adelaide, its surroundings; it is a beautiful corner of the world, the dentistry will come, have patience! To others, start considering your goals, what you want to achieve this year, next year? Jot it down, talk to your friends, family and make it happen!


Alex Khominsky

President of AUDSS


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