Hello everyone,

This is a notice to all First Year students about the Peer Mentorship Program.

The shift into university life can be quite a stressful period, and any help with that is much appreciated; Which is exactly why the Peer Mentorship Program was created. The program is designed with the aim of assisting commencing students to transition smoothly to university life.

Our trained peer mentors are current students and know from experience the nerves and excitement that come with starting university. They will lead your peer mentor group to help you find your feet and settle into uni life.

Through your peer mentor group you will be given the opportunity to:

  • Ask questions
  • Develop a network of supportive peers
  • Meet new people and establish friendships
  • Increase your awareness of student support services
  • Improve your teamwork skills
  • Gain a sense of belonging at university
  • Understand the expectations and requirements of life as a university student

You may select a group that meets face to face or you may prefer to be involved online. The choice is yours!