the basement is darker, louder

glowing with the pulses of music

i wear white, you wear white

but none of us are really expecting it to stay that way

(what colour do you get when you mix beer with raspberry vodka?)


you say to me, go ahead and lose your inhibitions

it's funny, the way people talk about friday nights

as if spilling your dignity along with another couple of drinks

is the only way to do it right

but i think i'd rather slip on shots of tequila

than on stupid mistakes


super california, we are as lit up as the dancefloor

we sway to songs we've heard a hundred times before

as if it's our first

this atmosphere is electrifying

we hold conversations we won't remember come morning

and chase away sobriety with our frenzied laughter


3am, my mother thinks i am fast asleep in bed

but i am still faltering down rundle mall

i say to you

let's forget what it means to exist

because right now i don't know anything

except that i've never felt more alive


Melody Chen (BDS 2)


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